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Today: Breakfast, booty shaking, beers and Bruins.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]It would seem my Saturday was brought to us by the letter B.  I got up early yesterday to host a breakfast meeting, but apparently not early enough.  I found myself rushing about the condo half-dressed, hair half-dried, and floors half-vacuumed.  Reminding myself that I am fully human, I consulted my rules for entertaining and finished things up just as the door buzzer rang.

Sure, the cranberry orange muffins were still baking when everyone was settling in, but that I meant I could don a festive mitt and pull them from the oven with a bit of flair.  Just kidding… sort of.  In addition to the muffins, I combined blueberries, blackberries and raspberries in a big bowl, and topped them with a few ribbons of basil.  I think everything should be topped with a few ribbons of basil.  A fresh pot of tea, some orange juice and a pitcher of water later, and we were good to go.  And by go, I mean sit and debate for three hours.

As the meeting was winding down, I couldn’t help but feel like a restless high schooler, constantly sneaking a glance at the clock, counting down the minutes.  (I don’t wear a watch for this reason, never have.)  I was meeting my friend Elizabeth minutes after the group left to check out The Z Spot, a new Zumba, dance, and yoga studio that just opened in the South End.  I find it’s okay to over-schedule on the weekends, as long as there’s booty dropping involved.

I haven’t taken a Zumba class in ages and sort of made up my own moves when I wasn’t quite sure was going on.  Fortunately, that seems to be a widely accepted practice.  During the hour-long class, various teachers from the studio lead high energy, fun routines.  It was a great way to showcase each teacher’s style and personality.  I had the goofiest grin on my face the entire time.  The studio space, which formerly housed O2 Yoga, is bright and airy, and just a short walk from the Broadway T stop and several bus stops (not that I know anything about T buses… I avoid them at all cost).  I can’t wait to go back for a drop in class soon.  My friend Courteney is teaching yoga there, so I definitely want to check out one of her classes, too.

After class, we headed to Amrheins for salads, beers, and the end of the Bruins game.  Elizabeth is such great company; I’m so glad our paths crossed, especially since making friends as a grown-up is no easy feat.

I haven’t been brave enough to show my face at Owl Station since my 30th birthday party, but fortunately, they deliver.  Nick and I ordered a few of our favorite sushi rolls to enjoy at home with a bright bunch of sunflower on the table.  It was the perfect way to wind down a busy day of b’s.

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Today: Romance is alive and well.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]Truly.  I saw it with my own eyes on a doorstep in the South End this morning.  Chivalry may be dead (who knows?), but romance is alive and well.

If that’s not enough to melt your heart, welp… you just may be a lost cause.  Just kidding.  And yes, it did occur to me that these petals could be a sign of a bouquet gone wrong, but I am fairly certain this was intentional.  And incredibly sweet.

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Today: Service from hell.

What's that smell?

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]I woke up this morning and thought, Oh good.   We’re still alive.  Nick and I took Clark for a nice long walk around Castle Island and then to BYOD for a much needed oatmeal bath.  That little dude gets stinky in a hurry (Clark, not Nick).  His natural b.o. takes on four distinct phases.

  • Phase 1: Clean dog
  • Phase 2: Cool Ranch Doritos
  • Phase 3: Did you eat a entire sea lion?
  • Phase 4: “Toxic” by Britney Spears
This cycle takes any where from several days to several weeks to complete, but by the time Phase 4 hits, I fully believe that Rapture is upon us.  We then took a stroll around the SOWA market and a few stores in the South End before meeting my parents and sister for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants.  After a heavenly day in the neighborhood, we found ourselves dining in hell.  Our server made mistake after mistake before we learned, as I suspected, this was his first night on the job.

I remember my own first night waitressing, as a nineteen year old on the Cape.  I was training with the scariest waitress in the restaurant (she made no less than three of my co-workers cry that summer), and was charged with bringing salads out to a table of college-aged guys.  I had memorized who ordered which dressing, balanced my tray and set out for the dining room.  And then I dumped an entire cup of balsamic vinegar directly onto one of their laps.  When I reached for a clean napkin, completely mortified, the training server boomed “Do not even think about touching his crotch!” It’s a miracle I didn’t die or, at least, faint.  For the record, my plan was simply to apologize and hand over the napkin.  I’ve never made a habit of touching people inappropriately.

When I finally moved beyond the training phase (I think that first night set me back a bit), I was pleased one night to have a big party of adults sat in my section.  Apparently one of the hostesses missed a few of the specials menus when swapping them out, so when the two ladies seated farthest away from me both ordered the “second special from the top,” they expected to be served the previous night’s haddock.  Instead they each ended up with a full rack of ribs.  I need to enlist the help of two other waitresses to bring those honking things out.

The entire table completely freaked out, and left without paying.  Technically, they left a penny, which I quickly learned to be old people speak for GFY, but needless to say, one cent does not pay for one, let alone two racks of ribs.  That table’s meal was deducted from my earnings, which meant it cost me money to work that night.  For the rest of the summer, I demanded that customers ordering from the specials menu describe their desired meal in gross detail.

I did my best to make money, rather than owe money, at the end of each shift, and so it didn’t take very long to develop a hierarchy of desirable customers.  No offense to old ladies– I very much intend to become one in thirty years– but a pair of old women was at the bottom of the list.  A close second were tourist families with children.  Neither groups tipped well, and the latter often left behind a wake of Cheerios, broken crayons and drool.  Anyone who brought their own solar-powered calculator was bad news.  I learned a lot that summer, including that I am not cut out to be a waitress.

I have a feeling our server might be learning a similar lesson tonight.

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Today: Dinner for you and your siblings. Or rivals. {a giveaway}

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]It seems like there’s a whole lot of giving going on lately.  I really just like you guys, that’s what it boils down to.  The lovely folks at Eversave Boston have generously offered to treat one of you today’s save: $40 worth of food at South End favorite Sibling Rivalry and a chance to enjoy the dueling menus of brothers and chefs David and Bob Kinkead.

I stole this from their website. Perhaps you could bring it back if you win?

Nick and I dined at Sibling Rivalry several years ago for Valentine’s Day.  We loved the atmosphere, complete with a view of the inner workings of the chefs’ kitchen.  The food was fantastic, as was the service.  I’m excited to share this Save with one of you.  Speaking of Saves, I have two burning holes in my proverbial pockets right now– one for a photography lesson, and another for admission to the Butterfly Place in Westford.  I’m looking forward to cashing those babies in.  I don’t know about you, but I love “group buy” websites– I find a good deal provides great motivation to try something new.

I encourage you (Bostonians and non-Bostonians alike) to check out Eversave on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop for coming deals.  They are currently running a pretty awesome “look alike” contest in celebration of Mother’s Day.  If you and your mum are carbon copies, you have a chance to win some pretty awesome prizes, including a new digital camera and gift card for Southwest Air and Elizabeth Arden.  Maybe I can put a mask on so my gorgeous mother and I can enter… muhaha.  I’m getting carried away.  Shocking.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?  The business of winning!

No rivals here.

To enter, please leave a comment about your siblings. Whether you’re rivals or besties, I want to hear what you admire most about your brother(s) and/or sister(s).  If you’re an only child, you get to brag about yourself (score!).  I will choose a winner using random.org at 3PM on Friday.

  • For an additional entry, feel free to tweet about this giveaway: “I want to win today’s Save to Sibling Rivalry from @EversaveBOS and @ElizabethEv: http://wp.me/pySBS-10o”


Today: I’m always chasing rainbows.

And I’m sometimes taking pictures in traffic.

Please note the red light. Safety first.

Okay, so it’s more of a rainline than a rainbow, but at the end of a crazy week, I’ll take what I can get.  And then I’ll share what I’ve got with you.

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Today: Made a pillow. Sew whaaat?

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] It’s true.  I made something from needle and thread and fabric.  Namely, a throw pillow.  Annelise, Cristy, Colleen and I met up at Grey’s Fabric and Notions last night for a little sewing lesson.   I am proud of my pillow, I was thrilled to spend time with the girls, I enjoyed perusing the gorgeous fabrics… but a professional sewer I am not.  I don’t think I even qualify as amateur.  What’s several steps down from that?  Nincompoop?

You could fit my sewing talent inside one of those thimbles.  Maybe I will show you the pillow later… maybe.  In the meantime, I am heading south for an early winter adventure.  I’ll be back soon, so don’t steal my stuff.  Welp, you can steal the pillow, but leave everything else, please.

While I am sipping fruity cocktails and exploring ancient ruins, I’ve lined up a few fabulous guest posts.  Enjoy!

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Today: South End stroll.

Sunday drivers are the worst.  Especially on Mondays.  Wow. I am a regular ol’ grouch.  I once saw a bumper sticker that read, “I am not on your vacation.”  I am that bumper sticker, personified.  Occasionally.

I am much more charitable when it comes to Sunday strollers, however.  I love watching people walk about our fair city, taking in the sights and sounds.  And smells– today was all about the smells.  Nick and I strolled under the Expressway and on over to the SOWA Open Market. Just as we were about to enter the market, we witnessed a woman empty the contents of her toddler’s potty onto the street.  I nearly lost my breakfast.  And my appetite for lunch.  This is not normal behavior.  And not a good smell.  And probably not appropriate to share with the Internet.  My apologies.

We were quickly distracted, thankfully, by the bustling crowd at the market.  We usually get there on the early side when it’s a bit quiet, so it was nice to see such a turnout.  We wandered through the crowd, and headed to the adjacent lot to check out Boston’s first Truck Food Festival, organized by the lovely Christine Liu of Citysearch Boston.

Here are a few of the sights from today.  Please feel free to imagine the smells and sounds.

The lines for each truck were long and winding by the time we arrived.  In other words, the Food Truck Festival was a great success.  I liked seeing familiar food mobiles, like Grillo’s Pickles and Mr. Frosty’s, and look forward to seeing the newer trucks (specifically, the Cupcakory!) driving around the city this fall.  For more about the Festival, check out this recent Herald article.  After taking in all the delicious (and mobile) sights and smells, I swiftly regained my appetite.

We walked up to Washington Street  in the quest to check off another item from my 38 while 28 list, visiting another new-to-me restaurant in the neighborhood.  We bruchned al fresco at Ginger Park, the perfect place to people watch on an early Sunday afternoon.  Nick enjoyed the Hangover Burger (he was sober, I swear) and I sampled the lemon buttermilk pancakes with citrus honey and wild blueberries.  I got about a 1/4 of the way through the plate.  They were filling, but reaaaaally good.

Ginger Park welcomes blondes and brunettes, as well.  Har, har.  The patio is dog friendly; we’re already looking forward to returning with Clark when it’s a little less… blazingly hot out.  Speaking of Clark, we stopped by Polka Dog Bakery on our way back to Southie and picked up some sort of squirrels in a tree trunk toy for him.

Though Polka Dog doesn’t have a truck, they did have a table at the Truck Food Festival; they can take credit for one of the highlights of my day.  As a Festival-goer wandered past the Polka Dog table, she snatched a handful of samples– presumably intended for the four-legged attendees– and popped them in her mouth.  Watching people eat dog food is truly a sight to behold.

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