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Today: Will you be my Bobby Valentine?

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]I had my heart set on not falling for the Red Sox again this season.  Last September’s unraveling just about did me in.  All that chicken, beer, finger pointing and whining (especially the whining)?  Over it.

As I drove home earlier this week, listening to reports of pitchers and their injured thumbs on 98.5 the Sports Hub, I was all but resigned that this year would be much of the same.  Besides, who needs baseball when there’s still hockey?

And then this happened.

And just like that, I was smitten all over again.  The passion, the rivalry, the devotion, the anticipation.  Surely all that can survive a tough September, some questionable decision making and a few ridiculous press conferences.

Try as I might, it’s nearly impossible to give up on the team I love.  Happy Opening Day, Red Sox Nation.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Looking forward to seeing a few of my Team Off Balance teammates tonight
  • Soccer game (longest day ever)
  • Getting ready for some out of town guests 🙂

Where do you stand with the Red Sox this season?

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Today: On the Common.

[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false] Spotted on the Common: A well-dressed tadpole.  Maybe he’ll climb down, hop over to Fenway and give the Sox a (webbed) hand.


Also On Tap for Today:

What did you spot on your way today?


Today: From the Greenway to the Green Monster.

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Our long run for Team in Training was moved to Sunday, so we had a full Saturday to do just about whatever we wanted.  Except ride unicorns to the beach, because unicorns don’t exist any more. So we did the next best thing: walk around the city, relax a bit, and head to Fenway to catch a game from the Green Monster.

Though The Rose Kennedy Greenway opened nearly two years ago, and is just down the street, I hadn’t really explored it until this weekend.  Nick and I took the T to South Station and walked the mile of interconnected parks to the North End.

The Greenway is a beautiful escape from through the city.  An escape where grown men can ride their bicycles through dancing fountains and look surprisingly… normal.  Nick and I watched the Rings Fountain, near Milk Street, for the longest time.  It’s all the benefits of water therapy, without getting wet.  I mean, unless you’re that guy on the bike.

Upon returning to Southie, we brought Clark to check out the 11th Annual South Boston Street Festival.  The two bands playing, The Scooby Snax Band and Thomas Park, were really great.  We visited a few booths, and delighted to see not only Clark’s vet, but also his fabulous walker.  Clark was a happy, happy Frenchie.

…so happy that he needed a nap.  While he dreamed of Martha Stewart products, we headed to Fenway Park to check a major “to do” from my 38 while 28 list.  We had GREEN MONSTER SEATS!  🙂

The people look so small from way up here.

If you look closely at that vaguely-green last photo, you’ll see where the red stitching of a home run baseball rubbed off on the wall just behind our seats.  Pretty awesome, even if you’re not a Sox fan (may God have mercy on your soul)!

Also On Tap for Today:

  • I feel like I have a bit of blogging to catch up on!
  • Glee is back 🙂
  • Perhaps Clark could have his own webisodes?

How did you go green this weekend?

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Today: Long live the long weekend.

Thanks to the men and women who gave their lives for the good ol’ U.S.A., we savored every minute of this long Memorial Day weekend.

We got a few home improvement projects accomplished (details to follow 🙂 ), spent time with my friends and celebrated Kristen’s graduation (congratulations, Doctor!), enjoyed several strolls along the ocean, took Clark for his first swim in my parents’ pool, slept late, read books, spent time with my family, ate pizza, listened to the Red Sox on the radio, wore lots of sunblock and kicked off the unofficial start to summer.

Sand is excellent for exfoliating.  And it’s high in fiber.

Also On Tap for Today:

How do you kick off summer?


Today: Ponies at the Park.

I hope I don’t get sued for these photos, but I figured the faces have been hidden to protect the guilty awesome… so we should be all good.

Alright, so as you know, I was lucky enough to be at Fenway on Sunday for Opening Night.  Our seats were perfect for game watching and fan watching (between innings, obvi).  I couldn’t help but notice the significant number of ponies roaming the park.  Ponytails, that is.  Ponytails.. on men, that is.

Has Red Sox Nation been growing their hair out during the off season?  Is the Kenny G look special for Opening Night, or is it here to stay?  I know you’re just as curious as I am, so stay tuned through out the season as I bring you an ongoing special report direct from Fenway.

Ponies at the Park: Opening Night Edition

Exhibit A: Okay, I lied. This fan watching happened very much during an inning.

Exhibit B: Lower right corner. Are brown-haired men called brunos instead of brunettes??

I spotted at least 4 more, but um… feared for the life of my camera.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Watching my sister’s law school presentation on fortifying fair housing laws
  • Run around the Sugar Bowl

What are your thoughts on the male ponytail?  Chic or geek?


Today: Hallelujah and Play Ball.

Sunday was a sacred day in the real, actual way… and also in the Red Sox way.  We celebrated both Easter and Opening Day (but at night, so it was technically Opening Night).  Strange and awesome.

Speaking of which, here’s Clark dressed up as an Easter Frenchie:

I forgot to take a picture (I was preoccupied by an omnipresent fear that Clark was peeing on something… or someone… inside my parents’ house), but I made a really fun cake, inspired by my hero, Martha Stewart.  I liked this cake (I think it was in the March issue of MSL)… but thought it needed some crushed Oreo dirt… and then I went a little wacko with the frosting tint… and well… I really need to practice restraint.  My sister made some really tasty appetizers including Mexican pinwheels.  And then she served up a main course of coo-coo:

Man, I love this goober.

I love being home and surrounded by my kinfolk.  I felt badly fleeing the suburbs so early in the (holy) day, but I had Opening Night tickets and I think even Jesus understands that you don’t say no to Opening Day Night.  That may have been an overreach.  I probably should have left Jesus out of it.  Anyway, I seem to have magical powers when it comes to Red Sox ticket lotteries, because I almost always “win” the opportunity to spend monies on tickets– Opening Day, Red Sox v. Yankees, Green Monster seats… you name it.  The “best available” button worked wonders this time around, and we found ourselves in the front row of a loge box just behind the Sox dugout.

We got up close and personal with this creeper (And you wonder why I made my parents keep our Easter baskets in the car when I was little?  I did not want this terrifying beast hopping into our house).

Nightmares. Lots of them.

The weather was unbelievable, Johnny Pesky was adorable, Pedro was in the house, and the baseball (and liturgical) season began anew.

Also On Tap for Today:

Do you root, root, root for the home team?


Today: Match the socks.

Why do socks tend to lose their other halves faster than Paris Hilton?  They go into the laundry hamper together, but rarely do they make it through the spin cycle.

Personally, I’m not crazy about wearing socks.  Even in the winter, I’d prefer to go sockless in my ballet flats and heels.  My sock wearing is limited almost exclusively to working out, or keeping warm in the condo (in which case, I’m most likely wearing Christmas socks, or pink Life is Good socks, covered in peace signs).  Usually, it’s very obvious which socks belong to one another.  Pom poms and “right” and “left” markers are useful for this purpose.

Or sometimes, my socks are permanently attached.  You might call these pantyhose.  Pantyhose or nylons are the unitards of the sock world: Impossible to take apart and equally awful.  Tights are only half as bad.  But still.

Fun fact: Spell check just tried to turn unitards into Unitarians.  Lovely people, but not quite what I was going for.

On the other hand foot, men’s socks are nearly impossible to match and seem to separate at a far faster rate than mine.  They all look alike, until you get really, really close.   Oh, those are Swiss dots.  How nice.  When putting away the laundry last night, I found myself asking such questions as:

  • Why is this black sock  slightly longer than this other one of the same texture and color?
  • What does that gold line on the toe mean?
  • Is this light black or really, really dark brown?
  • Is there even such a color as light black?  If so, is it called gray?
  • You have a purple argyle sock?
  • Any chance you have a second one?

I don't mind these Sox. (Photo: abc.net.au)

The world of men’s socks, I’m finding, is subtle and nuanced.  And annoying.  So annoying that I spend a good part (or 5 minutes) of the evening reading this wikiHow article entitled How to Avoid Losing Socks in the Washing Machine.  Good Heavens!  Centrifugal force has been stealing Nick’s socks! Here are a few tips from the article:

  • Keep ’em together. Before putting socks in the washing machine, attach pairs together. You can use a lingerie bag, safety pins or even office clamps, you can simply fold the tops together, or the best solution is to use the sock clip.
  • Know where to look. Many socks that go missing are stuck to the inside of the washer. The moisture and centrifugal force holds them there for several minutes. Be sure to check all around the inside of the drum. Other socks will get stuck to sheets and towels in the dryer. So when you fold these items for storage, shake them out and check for any socks which may be clinging.
  • Keep orphaned socks in one place. When you fold laundry, insert any unmatchable socks into one particular drawer in your dresser, or a box on your closet shelf. Once a month, you may have quite a collection. Dump them out and make all the matches. Use socks with no partner for other purposes.

Also On Tap for Today:

How do you keep your socks from breaking up?  And have you ever had your photo taken with a celebrity (I want proof)?