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Today: Seven in the rain.


[tweetmeme source=”elizabethev” only_single=false]For the first time, and likely last time,  ever I outran Nick this weekend… um, but only because he got injured at last week’s soccer game.  We planned to stay close to our little team’s home base at the South Boston Running Emporium due to the drizzly weather and his busted hamstring.  We ran side-by-side (awww) until I complete ate sh-t on D Street (owww) and watched Nick continue to motor on, unaware that I was face down on the sidewalk.  What can I say, when he’s in the zone, he’s in the zone.

[Photo source]

After I dusted myself off (and spit on the offending slippery grate for good measure… just kidding, I’m a lady), I tried and failed to catch up to my speedy boyfriend.  When he looked back, I was already up and running, so he assumed I had simply slowed down and wanted to run my own run.  That’s often how I roll.

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I saw him run one way at the Sugar Bowl, so I ran the other way expecting to meeting him head-on at the halfway point.  Unfortunately, he had turned back for the store, while I tried to hunt him down, asking strangers if they had binoculars or overhead satellite access.  In the meantime, I ran a bunch more miles.

[Photo source]

I eventually made my own way back to the store, covered in sea spray, a bit bruised and cut up, but proud of myself for sticking with it.  It’s not every day that you wipe out less than a mile into your run, but I suppose that any day you get to run is a good one.  Those seven miles were character-building for sure.  Speaking of characters and Wipeout!, I really want to be on that show.

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Author: Elizabeth

A writer, non-profit exec, a BC alumna, a CrossFitter, a FitFluential Ambassador, a (holy crap) 2x marathoner, and a very happy bride-to-be.

4 thoughts on “Today: Seven in the rain.

  1. My BF and I have talked about being on that show. I can’t remember why we never went through with it, but it looks like a blast!

  2. I love my iPhone!! I hope you enjoy having it! I can’t live without it now.
    Happy ICLW week! :O)

  3. That’s definitely happened to me before. My initial reaction was to be a baby and stop but then I realized that after a short walk, I’m ok to run… and it feels good to finish what you started, “obstacles” and all 🙂

  4. My husband is obsessed with Wipeout…I’m afraid to watch it. I feel like any minute I’m going to see someone be paralyzed by breaking their neck on the above-pictured foam ball.

    Also- sometimes a little humiliation makes me push myself harder when I run…falling, stepping in dog poo, etc

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