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Today: Make it formal.


tapTonight is Nick’s fraternity formal.  It’s sort of like a high school dance, but half of the people (ourselves included) are old.  Considering last year’s formal started with undergraduate boys performing some sort of choreographed dance and ended with a certain significant other needing to have a tooth replaced, I’m pretty sure things can only improve.  Truth be told, it really wasn’t that bad.  The bathrooms in the fraternity house, however, were that bad.  I feared for my health.

We didn’t have Greek life on campus at BC, but I can totally appreciate their role in bringing like-minded people together.  In that way, the microfiche room in the library (you basically had to become blood brothers with the lady working there to find anything) and, oh, Mary Anne’s were sort of like my fraternities.  Except that I am a girl.

Fraternities might be Greek to me, but nobody loves dressing up and dancing more than me (and other people that love to dress up and dance).  The DJ better play some Michael.

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Get my hair did.  Avanti South just opened in our neighborhood.
  • Laundry, laundry and more laundry.

What sort of secret (or not so secret) society did you belong to as a youngster?

Author: Elizabeth

A writer, non-profit exec, a BC alumna, a CrossFitter, a FitFluential Ambassador, a (holy crap) 2x marathoner, and a very happy bride-to-be.

2 thoughts on “Today: Make it formal.

  1. A lost tooth is a small price to pay to get to go to a good dance. There are way too many social events that adults are required to attend that don’t encourage dancing.

  2. So true! Thanks for stopping by!

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