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Today: Hit the road

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road tripThis weekend, 2/3 of my family made a short road trip for my cousin’s baptism.  My parents, my younger brother and I enjoyed a nice 4 hour car ride (round trip, let’s be honest) to semi-scenic CT.  My sister and older brother were otherwise occupied, which means they missed out… and that we had ample leg and elbow room.

The same four of us once drove (more accurately, my dad drove and we were along for the ride) to Virginia.   For that venture, I really got my act together with the iPod playlists and trivia books.  Mom packed snacks and my brother pretended to not want to put me in the trunk.  This time… not so much.  This was sort of like the Def Leopard reunion tour of road trips.  We’d traveled more miles and visited more cities before… now we’re too washed up to make it past Connecticut.

Under-prepared, I pressed random buttons on my iPod Touch the night before, resulting in our shuffled play list including such jams as Santa Baby and Let it All Hang Out.

I guess a two hour trip doesn’t warrant snack packing, especially when your children are 21 and 27, but… downgrade nonetheless, Mom.  Otherwise, excellent temperature control and navigation assistance.

Christopher played Word Mole on my Blackberry most of the ride.  Lame.  He did advise me against wearing my giant black bow headband, so I guess he gets points for that (Mass is not an avant garde hair show).

Dad got an A+ for… well, driving.

When Jackson Browne’s The Load Out came on for the sixth time, it was evident: I was the weakest link.  Goodbye.

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What are your ultimate road trip songs?  How do you rebound from being a total dingbat?

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