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Today: Fight the frizz.

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Hairs are strange.  They rarely do what you want them to do, when you want them to do it.  I want my hair to go to a meeting.  It wants to go to a rave.  I want my hair to be sleek and smooth.  It wants to be curly and crazy.  If hair does answer to a higher power, that power is probably humidity.

It’s too hot out to pick up the hairdryer, let alone the flat iron.  Normally, I just say, When in doubt? Wear a headband.  But this is not normal.  I think my frizz is picking up radio signals from Mars.  Or Utah.  I am fighting a losing battle.

Speaking of hair, my dad will be at the ACDC concert tonight.  I think he should get hair extensions for it.  And jean shorts!

Also On Tap for Today:

  • Have Afghani food for dinner.  Mmm!
  • Buy a hydration belt (weird, I know) for longer runs

How do you tame your mane?  How do  you keep it so perfectly in place?

Author: Elizabeth

A writer, non-profit exec, a BC alumna, a CrossFitter, a FitFluential Ambassador, a (holy crap) 2x marathoner, and a very happy bride-to-be.

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